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Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Standard weekly service that will maintain your property and keep it looking the best on the block. Our crew is trained to the highest standards and our weekly service includes:

Snow Removal

In the winter landscapers need something to do. Our fleet of equipment are all equipped with snow removal devices. Our commercial accounts require a lot more removal than most of our private residential homes. So we are well prepared for any snow removal job.

Landscape Design

When it comes to design clients have many choices. We can handle basic designs in-house. We also work with some of Long Island's top designers if you are looking to create a brand new environment.

Clean Up

Every space needs to be cleaned up and prepared after our harsh North East winters. We find that homes that are cleaned up for the Fall and Spring have much better results during the growing season. Protect your shrubs and property with our Fall and Spring Clean Up Services.


From time to time we all like that new fresh look. The North East is very harsh on our shrubbery. Whether you are in need of a whole new planting for borders and privacy, or in the need of a new design, Dellafranca can handle it. And don't forget about our seasonal flower planting. We can add the perfect touch of flowers to spruce up your property before that big summer BBQ.


In our area we have two choices when it comes to rejuvenating our lawn. The first choice is re-seeding which involves thatching airation and hydro-seeding. Your second alternative is what we call "instant lawn," which is sod. Long Island produces some of the finest sod growers in the United States and Dellafranca has connections with all of them. Let Dellafranca give your lawn the makeover you envision.


Many of us are very particular about our property. Obviously we hope you are one of those people. Mulch is the perfect dressing to top off your bed areas. From double-dyed black to cedar we can provide the full spectrum of bed toppings as well. Including marble chips, pea gravel, fire rock and an unlimited selection of different stones, rocks and gravels.


From the basic to the most involved, we install and maintain irrigation systems. As the maintainer of your property you will not deal with the typical mess left following an irrigation companies' installation. We will take care of your property, make sure it is irrigated properly and upon completion it will look as good as new. From full service automatic irrigation to drip line components, we have the experience and high level brand product to provide your property with a top level irrigation system.

Feeding Programs

Throughout the year, both lawns and shrubs require feeding to reach their maximum potential in beauty and hardiness. We recommend an automatic program that will take care of your property throughout the entire year. At your request we also have organic programs available.

Pruning and Shrub Care

Evergreens, full size trees and ornamental trees all require knowledge and experience to be maintained correctly. Our crews include specialists that are trained in the wide variety of plantings for our area. In addition, we work with a few certified arborists in the event that trees or shrubs have special needs.